meet splashy!

thanks for letting us be a part of your parenting journey! splashy sand™ was thoughtfully made, by a mom for her kids. between allergies, sensitive skin, and the desire to easily provide sensory and imaginative play- the product just didn't exist. splashy sand to the rescue.

splashy (formerly the play bath) was also born out of a quickly draining bank account- you know- that parenting phase when you spend a car payment each month on bath bombs.

there simply HAD to be a product that did MORE and was great for and gentle on a little one's skin. after lots of mixing and months of testing bathtubs, splashy sand™ was born!

splashy sand™:

- is made from non-toxic and natural ingredients

- is nut and coconut free

- is paraben and sulfate free

- offers easy clean sensory play. vacuums easily, dissolves in a warm bath, and cleans with a one-swipe dry wipe.

- offers sensory and imaginative play. splashy sand™ is also great for fine motor skills!

- is packed with skin-nourishing oils and main ingredients! no unnecessary fillers!

- is available in dye-free, unscented, and vegan formulations.

everyone (especially the parent) wins!

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